Sacremento Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins Has An Altercation With Teammate

Before Sacramento Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins was drafted, there were whispers about his level of maturity. He’s already had several incidents this season including the infamous on court choking gesture.

Saturday night following a loss to the Thunder, Cousins got into an altercation with teammate Donte Greene after Cousins didn’t get the ball on the final possession. Cousins was not allowed to join the team for its flight to Phoenix for a game Sunday night.

On the play in question, “Coach Paul Westphal said the final play wasn’t drawn up specifically for Evans and that Donte Greene had options inbounding the ball. Tyreke Evans became the best option because he was open and the Thunder took away DeMarcus Cousins in the post.”

A source said Cousins and Green argued in the locker room, with Cousins telling everyone he wanted respect, regardless of his rookie status. The situation escalated, with both players taking swings at each other before being separated.

Kings President Geoff Petrie made the decision to remove Cousins from the teams’ chartered flight to Phoenix.

DeMarcus has been fined by the team previously for a verbal confrontation with a training staff member and also was tossed out of a practice after talking back to Coach Westphal.

At some point the question must be asked, when does a players lack of maturity overshadow his “potential” on the court? Sports are emotional, no denying that but, where is the line drawn for the betterment of the team?