Russell Westbrook tells reporter “I don’t like you” during post game interview [Video]


The Oklahoma City Thunder put an end to the red hot Golden State Warriors winning streak Friday night. All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook was on fire, scoring 17 points, a career-high 17 assists and matched a career best with 15 rebounds.

You would think after a showing like that, Russ would be in a good mood… apparently his dislike for the media – or certain members of it – quelled all of that sunshine. Russ gave one of “those” post game interviews last night, answering every question with the response, “we executed well,” and informing one of the members of the media that he doesn’t think to highly of him.

This seems to be the new trend with athletes – Seahawks Marshawn Lynch, Texans Arian Foster, are just a couple of the names that have employed this tactic as of late. Repeating the same answer so that they fulfill their media obligations – and avoid fines – but not really have to interact. Honestly speaking, the modern day athlete NEEDS to have a decent relationship with the media. Off the court money is often shaped by things in the media. Russ probably isn’t making many friends with this.

The crazy thing is, he’s really a nice guy.