Russell Westbrook has tantrum on Thunder bench and tells Craig Sager “whatever you say bruh” [video]

photo via Jose3030
photo via Jose3030

photo via Jose3030

Russell Westbrook is passionate about the game of basketball. Sometimes that can cause a display of emotions to come bubbling out during a game. On Thursday night during the Thunder’s nationally televised game against the Dallas Mavericks, Russ and Thabo Sefolosha had some sort of disagreement on the floor in the third quarter. Kevin Durant tried to soothe things over, but Russ was still visibly upset during a time out and refused to join the huddle. Assistant coach Maurice Cheeks attempted to calm Russell down but that didn’t work out either. Russ then decided that he needed to go to the locker room to pull it together. All this was taking place as the Thunder were up by 25 points.

This is the play that proceeded the outburst.

Russell eventually calmed down and returned to the bench and sat out of the game for most of the third and finally returned to the game in the fourth quarter. coach Scott Brooks was asked about Westbrook’s tantrum after the game. He replied, “It was nothing. He just had to regroup,” and later added, “There’s no question he was frustrated with himself. He’s an emotional guy.”

When TNT’s Craig Sager asked Russell about the incident following the game, Russ was pretty tight lipped,  calling the situation a “miscommunication” and saying he controlled his temper “like a man.” Finally responding to  Sager’s last question with “If that’s what you say bruh.”


That can’t be good. Of course the normal team speak will come out and say everything is fine, etc. etc. but you have to wonder if behind the scenes, teammates and staff aren’t getting a little tired of Russell’s stubborn streak.

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