Russell Westbrook Gets Cheekbone Surgery


Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook had surgery on a fracture to his zygomatic arch bone – his cheek bone. He suffered the fracture Friday night in Portland.

The injury happened when Westbrook’s face hit his teammate, Andre Roberson’s knee while battling for the ball during the final seconds of the 115-112 loss to the Blazers.

The Thunder will re-evaluate him next week. The team is also without their superstar, Kevin Durant, who had surgery to relieve discomfort in his foot. Russ has already missed 14 games this season.

Russ seemed to be in good spirits Saturday. His parents renewed their wedding vows on their 15th wedding anniversary and he shared photos on Instagram.

Sooo proud to have these 2 has my parents. Me and my brother are truly blessed to have them in our lives .. Want to congratulate them on renewing there vows and looking amazing doin it… I cried soooo many tears of joy this evening because there nothing more important to me than my family and I love them too death!!!! LOVE U BOTH MOM AND DAD!! Enjoy the night!!! #westbrookfamily #wedding #mymomlookedbanging #Blessed