Royce White wants back in the NBA says not flying was “overblown”


Royce White wants back in the NBA. White was cut from the Philadelphia 76’ers in October after being traded from the Houston Rockets last summer. White’s battle with anxiety caused issues his rookie year with the Rockets. Now White says there are teams interested in him and he’s willing to fly, and if you believed he wasn’t, that was the media’s fault.

“That’s been overblown, but that is the world that is the media,” he said. “I flew the preseason without medication, partly to show that I was willing to travel and to see if I could do it.”

“I’m optimistic it will happen,” the former Iowa State star said. “We’re in contact with some teams. “Quite a few more than expected. People are more understanding than you think. It’s not an insensitive crowd. There are teams involved.

“It’s finding a situation that’s appropriate.”

I really wish White would acknowledge his behavior instead of blaming the media – that he sought out to elevate his mental health platform. It would demonstrate some maturity on his part instead of always casting the blame outward.

Good luck Royce.