Royce White allegedly cursed out team officials while with the Rockets


Royce White was cut from the Philadelphia 76’ers last week. With White’s NBA career hanging in the balance, of course somehow details of an alleged altercation that happened last season, between White and a Rockets exec are coming to light. White is accused of going ham on a lawyer for the Rockets, cursing and referring to “people as liars.”

TMZ has the deets.

We’re told the team had been trying to work out an arrangement with White — to cater to his health situation — but Royce refused to travel or play with the team, citing his anxiety disorder. 

But after talks went nowhere, and White screamed at team honchos, the Rockets’ General Manager Daryl Morey fired off an email letting White know they were sick of his crap.

“What is completely unacceptable to our franchise is your inexcusable cursing and calling our people liars, incompetent and worse,” Morey wrote.

He added, “We expect that you will treat our people with respect, even if you disagree with our positions, and we also expect that you accept some responsibility for your actions, as the doctors want you to.”

The letter concludes, “While the tone of this letter is not as pleasant as we have tried to be, you must realize your language and actions are to blame. We still will do every reasonable accommodation because we want this to work. We just need you to want to make this work, too.”

Yikes. I wonder if Royce is still filming his documentary as all of this is playing out. Is the D League the next move?