Replacing a Legend: Kobe Bryant Edition

Kobe Bryant has been the dominating force in Los Angeles since he and Shaq decided to take over the league in the early 2000’s. He’s been a fixture of a team that has had more turnover than most college teams. He’s been on the Lakers for 20 years and has won 5 NBA Championships. What’s next for the Lakers with Kobe closing out his final NBA season?

Kobe is going to fade off into the sunset after one of the most illustrious careers we’ve seen in the history of any sport. For him, that portion of his life will be over, no more basketball. As with any player in sports, he could only stay on the court for so long.

Unfortunately, the Lakers cannot follow him into the sunset and must attempt to piece back together one of the most respected franchises in the NBA. Losing a player like Kobe creates a void in a roster that is truly leaderless. Although they were not winning many games, Kobe gave them a chance. With him gone it’s time to look at the next chapter, and for the Lakers it may be a long chapter without any excitement.


The Lakers are not in a good position. With their current roster, they might have a few pieces but, they will not win many games, that much is known. What is unknown, is how they will try to build their roster. Will the go the way of the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavs, and build through free agency? Or will they take the road of the Spurs and Thunder by taking their chances in the draft?


Knowing the Lakers, and how their fans feel about waiting, it is likely that the draft will not be the way to go. In the next couple years some big name players will be entering free agency, with a lot of cash but tons of question marks for the future, it is likely that the Lakers will be a top suitor for someone. In the next 2 years Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Andre Drummond, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are all potential free agents. Though many are likely to resign before ever entering free agency, Lakers are undoubtedly going to make a push to sign two or three of these franchise-changing players


By: Michael Hersey