Recovery- Matt Barnes, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Jackson [photos]


You think jocks have it easy, right? But when you get a peek behind the curtain, you realize that being a professional athlete is a lot of work and wear and tear on the body.  Check out a few photos of your favorite jocks in recovery-mode.

Matt Barnes has a crazy therapy regimend to get his body right for game day.

“Far left Cryo Chamber to rejuvenate body the temp in there is -150, cold as shit.. Top middle pic is cold tub to ice hand down, bad thumb, bad pinky & born bruise in mid hand.. Middle bottom cold laser, one of only 6 n the US, working on my hand.. Top right Normatec to flush all the lactic acid out push any swelling out & last but not least bottom right, Hivamat electric stem to numb the pain receptors n my hand”


Kobe Bryant utilizing acupuncture. #MambaTweets “whatever it takes.”


Spurs Stephen Jackson gets treatment on his ankle after tripping over a waitress during Knicks vs. Spurs.

Make sure you appreciate every dive on the floor, battle for a rebound and leap over the camera men courtside.  The jocks are sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment.

photos via Instagram and Twitter