Rasheed Wallace Thinking Of Making An NBA Comeback

Rasheed Wallace retired from the NBA in 2010 after 15 years. Wallace spent time with the Washington Wizards, Portland Trailblazers (ah the Jailblazers years. That team gave the Lakers problems), Atlanta Hawks (he only played like one game there before being traded to the Pistons), Detroit Pistons (Championship) and Boston Celtics. His career averages of 14.6 points and 6.7 rebounds is impressive. Apparently Sheed is getting the itch to return to the court. The 6’11 forward is said to be working out with some friends in the league and trying to gauge what team might have an interest.

At 37 years old during a lockout shortened season, I don’t know how feasible that is. But, with bodies dropping left and right due to injury, someone just might be willing to take a chance for a little gritty, front court help.

And I personally wouldn’t mind seeing his “get hype” dance to kick off games. THAT is epic entertainment.

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