Rasheed Wallace retires, check my favorite “sheed-isms” [video]


It was fun while it lasted. Rasheed Wallace came back from retirement this season to spend time with the New York Knicks. Wallace began his first retirement stint two seasons ago but felt the itch to return to the hardwood. Sheed provided a spark off the bench in a reserve big man role for the Knicks but hadn’t played since December following a broken foot injury. The vet made an attempt to return to action on Monday against the Charlotte Bobcats but that proved to be the catalyst for hanging up his sneakers for good.

At least we have the memories though, “Ball don’t Lie!!” Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite sheed moments:


– Ball don’t lie

– Both teams played hard


– Cut The Check!

“As long as somebody CTC, at the end of the day I’m with them. For all you that don’t know what CTC means, that’s ‘Cut the Check.'” -Sheed

– sheed the rapper


– sheed turned up in the lay up line


And my favorite from this season, Sheed’s first time hitting the court for the Knicks this season:

“You wanna play Sheed”