Raptors Terrence Ross wins Sprite Slam Dunk contest [video]


The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest hasn’t been the highlight event it’s supposed to be in years. The 2013 version had high hopes but things flamed out. The bright lights proved to be too big for James “Flight” White who came out with a dope concept but failed to deliver the money shot. Gerald Green was a bit lackluster after starting out strong.

The final “dunk off” between Raptors Terrence Ross and Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans – who was last year’s winner- generated some heat with Terrence ultimately taking home the prize and even paying hommage to a former Toronto dunk contest legend, Air Canada, Vince Carter. Check out all of Ross’ dunks.


A few NBA players were in aggreance that this year’s contest was missing something. Some even offered their services for next season when All-Star weekend makes it’s way to New Orleans.


I’ve been an advocate of them making the dunk contest and one-on-one game, all dunks! Can you imagine? What’s apparent is that something has to be done because the fans and the players aren’t feeling it.

video via ProBasketball Talk