Raptors analyst says Wale is no Drake, Wale heads to the booth [video]


Raptors Rudy Gay and Wale have known each other for a minute. So naturally when Gay’s Raptors faced off against his hometown Wizards, Wale was courtside and the two engaged in a little friendly trash talk. Well the Raptors analyst weren’t familiar with Wale or his music but decided to discuss him on air. One of the commentators made the comment that Wale was no Drake.

Check the video:


Word got back to Wale about that comment and he didn’t take to kindly to the comparison so he sent a Tweet.

Then he headed up to the booth. Yikes. Clearly Matt Devlin doesn’t watch “First Take” in the mornings.

Fortunately following the game, Rudy Gay tried to clear up any confusion with his own Tweet.

Raptors win 96-88


video via Beyond the Buzzer