Rajon Rondo and Rick Carlisle’s Heated Exchange During Mavs vs. Raptors [Video]


Rajon Rondo has a reputation for being feisty. Tuesday night during Mavericks vs. Raptors, his head coach Rick Carlisle was on the receiving end of Rondo’s wrath.

During the third quarter, Carlisle wanted to call a timeout, but Rondo didn’t think it was needed.

Carlisle walked onto the court to call the timeout without his starting point guard’s cooperation. As Rondo walked to the sideline, the two got into a heated exchange which led to Rondo riding pine for the rest of the game.

Following the game – which the Mavs won – Carlisle was asked about the situation in post game. He said it was a “difference of opinion,” and he sat Rondo because of a coach’s decision. When pressed to elaborate, he refused.

Rondo’s post game comment,“We won. Discuss it with Rick.”