Pistons Josh Smith says Kenneth Faried is a clown


I’m a fan of trash talk. I think it is part of being competitive. We’re just two days into the NBA season and it’s started up early. The Denver Nuggets beat the Detroit Pistons on opening night. Following the game, Nuggets big man Kenneth Faried attributed part of his team’s win to Piston’s big man Josh Smith shooting after his shot lost it’s heat, Smith responded with a few critiques of his own.

“I don’t respond to nobody with dreadlocks who plays basketball,” Smith said, referring to Faried’s hairdo. “He’s a clown, quote me on that.”

“He knows it’s coming, he knows, next time we play,” Smith said. “In order to make those comments like that, you gotta be able to back it up and we’ll see next time.”

“I’ll have some words while I’m busting his (behind). I back it up when I talk. It’s gonna be a pretty good matchup.”

He also believes the Manimal “fears” him:

“He fears me,” Smith said. “He’s scared of me, so, of course, he’ll talk about me in the paper. He won’t do it to me in my face. If you have to hide behind a microphone or smartphone, so be it. I don’t mind.”

I reached out to Kenneth Faried and he’s reply was “No comment”