Paul Pierce Reminds Everyone Why He’s “The Truth” [Video]

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Paul Pierce’s nickname is “The Truth,” after 17 years in the NBA, he’s shown countless times why he’s earned that moniker. During Game 3 of Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks, Pierce hit the game winner with a bank shot.

Which came on the heels of this shot by the Hawks. And of course, Derrick Rose’s game winning bank shot over the Cavs on Friday.
Chris Broussard of ESPN interviewed P2 immediately after the game, when the veteran reporter as Pierce if he called backboard while he was shooting the shot, “The Truth” gave a classic response that shut all the nonsense down:

“I called GAME” Inglewood STAND UP! In case you thought Paul was done with the one liners, in his postgame press conference, P2 had a perfect response to Hawks’ Schröder calling the buzzer-beater, “a lucky shot”


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“He probably used me in 2K and missed” – Paul Pierce

photo via @neddishman

photo via @neddishman

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you stunt and troll, all in the same breath.

Wizards go up 2-1 over the Hawks, without John Wall. I love this game.


photo via @NBA