Pau Gasol says he’s in Beast-mode

Pau Gasol does not see it for your soft label any longer. When asked recently to describe his off season regime and how he views himself and the changes he’s made to his game this summer, Pau in a very un-Pau like statement declared himself “A BEAST”

“I’m a beast,” he told Reuters recently. “I have been preparing myself and working to get better this summer.”

See what the support of a teammate can do for one’s self esteem. Kobe said he noticed Pau had gotten stronger during Team USA vs. Spain’s tune-up game on Tuesday. Giggle. I guess we’ll be able to check Pau’s transformation over the next 17 days in the 2012 Olympic games.

Beastmode Pau? I’m ready for that! When Pau is locked in, there’s no stopping him.