Pacers Roy Hibbert apologizes for postgame press conference remarks


Pacers center Roy Hibbert got entirely too comfortable with the media on Saturday night following Indiana’s 91-77 win over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. Hibbert took to the podium post game and not only referenced the media as “y’all motherf**kers” and slipped in a “no homo”

I’m not mad that he was a bit of aggressive in his postgame conference. He clearly knew that a fine could result from dropping the F bomb. His other faux pas on the other hand really boils down to immaturity. I don’t believe he meant as a “slur” or to offend but he also has to understand the sensitivity surrounding anything that is considered “bashing” homosexuality.

It was childish. He’s issued a statement via the Pacers and reached out to Jason Collins who recently stepped into the spotlight by announcing he was gay.

I am apologizing for insensitive remarks made during the postgame press conference after our victory over Miami Saturday night. They were disrespectful and offensive and not a reflection of my personal views. I used a slang term that is not appropriate in any setting, private or public, and the language I used definitely has no place in a public forum, especially over live television. I apologize to those who I have offended, to our fans and to the Pacers’ organization. I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night.