One of Matt Barnes Twins Shows Love To Clippers Arch-Rival [Photo]


Clippers forward Matt Barnes is father of twins Isaiah and Carter. Friday was theme day at the twins school, and the idea was to dress up like someone you admire.

His son Carter choose to dress as his dad, and the Clippers. Isaiah on the other hand choose the Clippers arch rivals, Steph Curry and the Warriors.



2day for school the boys had to dress up as someone they look up too.. Carter chose daddy & the clippers, Isaiah chose steph curry & the warriors. Can you guess witch kid will be up for adoption nxt week?? Lol JUST KIDSING tag someone you love that cheers for the wrong team…. #ThankGodTheirsTwo

At least he knows to pick a winner! Playoffs start tomorrow, we’ll see if the Clippers and Warriors end up meeting up in the Western Conference finals.