OKC Thunder headed to the NBA Finals!

I predicted this at the start of the season and what I reiterated after being down 0-1 to start out the series. The Oklahoma City Thunder have made it to the NBA finals. The Thunder fought back from being down 15 to the Spurs. The winner of the East hasn’t been determined yet but no matter what, the Finals will begin Tuesday, June 12th in OKC.

The changing of the guard is almost complete. The Thunder knocked off the three teams who have represented the west during the NBA finals for the last twelve years. The 2011 NBA champs, the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and now the Spurs.

Kevin Durant played like an MVP and I’m riding with the Thunder in the finals and KD getting his first finals MVP award.


photo via No look pass

So are we giving KD and Russ a yay or nay on the fashion tip tonight? Russell went with a purple and red polka-dot and leopard print shirt by Comme des Garçons. Fashion guru and professional basketball affectionado, Jimmy Goldstein seemed to like KD’s choice.


Damn, Derek Fisher is going to get his sixth ring before Kobe… Crazy how things work out.

photos via Jose3030