Nuggets JaVale McGee has awkward “Inside the NBA” post game interview [video]


Denver Nuggets JaVale McGee has been frequent highlight reel material on Shaq’s “Shaqtin’ a Fool” segment on “Inside the NBA.” The segment features in game blunders by players that range from mental lapses to all out bone head plays. On Thursday following the Nuggets molly-womp of the Clippers, JaVale was a guest on the show and it was pretty clear, he was not feeling all the attention Shaq had bestowed upon him.

JaVale referred to Shaq as “a bully who likes him” and also called the segment “Shaqtin a Coon.” It certainly made for an awkward segment. Shaq even attempted to smooth it over calling himself “Uncle Shaq.”

Final shot, Shaq celebrated his 41st birthday this week and JaVale wanted to make sure to let Shaq know he’s old as dirt…

Guess not everyone can take Shaq’s jokes. The irony in that, Penny Hardaway was at the desk tonight. When Shaq and Penny played together in Orlando, Shaq used to zing Penny. Just like he did with Kobe and DWade. And of course like he does current players now. But current players don’t have to take it.