NBA stars private jet it for All-Star break [photos]


As the NBA launches into its mid-season break for All-Star, Instagram was flooded with photos from various NBA players heading on break – Turks & Caicos, Vegas and Cabo were popular choices – or to New Orleans all on private Jets.

Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem and Roger Mason headed out to Vegas for the break. Guys trip!


Chris Paul took off to New Orleans with his family including his baby twin nephews.


His teammate DeAndre Jordan headed off to Cabo with girlfriend Amber and friends.


Kings DeMarcus Cousins hit the PJ for a “lonely flight,” while Raptors Austin Daye headed to Turks for some sunshine.

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Meanwhile, back on the commercial flights side, Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings ran into former Olympian/current reality star, Bruce Jenner.