NBA Season 2010- 2011 Is HERE

I woke up this morning a little flushed, my heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach. I’m not sick but I am IN LOVE! Tonight my Lover is returning to me after a brief absence!!  The NBA is BACK BABY!!

It’s no secret, I’ve been semi cheating on the NBA with football. And while the NFL has been a wonderful substitute, ain’t nothing like the real thing! Daddy’s Home! ::giggles:: All jokes aside, the upcoming NBA season promises to be one of the best on record.  Here are my predictions:


1. Los Angeles Lakers. I start with the West because its where I reside and its home to the current NBA Champions, The L.A. Lakers.  Starting the season without Andrew Bynum isn’t a big issue as long as he’s healthy for the Post Season. Helath issues with Drew are a familiar scenario with this team so need to hit the panic button yet. Kobe is still rounding into form but it’s THE BLACK MAMBA.  Artest worked on his 3 point shot in the off season. Lamar was a glue guy on Team USA as he is here. The additions of Steve Blake & Matt Barnes give the bench balance and a some toughness.  Phil’s swan song will be another 3 peat!

2. Oklahoma City Thunder – This was a team I was excited about at the start of last season and now the entire basketball universe understands why (Don’t believe me? check the archives!) Kevin Durant is your next NBA Superstar, Russell Westbrook has shown he’s ready to step up into elite point guard ranks.

3.  Dallas Mavericks – I have to be honest, spots 3, 4 and 5 are fluid in my mind. Injuries, TRADES etc will all play a huge factor into how this area plays out. But taking all that into consideration, I’m going to go with the best combination of talent and stability. That would be the Mavs. But of course as is also the case with them, except a playoff flame out. :shrug:

4. Phoenix Suns – Their roster doesn’t make you think BIG WINS but Steve Nash still has a lot to offer at 36 years old. The loss of Amare will hurt them in the West as they don’t have much to offer as far as big men go. That Lopez twin has yet to be consistent.

5. Houston Rockets – Yao is back but his greatest days are behind him. Again. It’s a struggle for me to put Houston HERE, my heart wants to put the Nuggets in this spot but if Melo is traded, that changes things DRASTICALLY and you have to sort of figure that by the time Dec. 15th rolls around, Melo will be GONE

6. Portland Trailblazers– BRANDON ROY! The Blazers were bit by the injury bug last year but in the season prior they had a nice little run going. Once the rust shakes off, I expect things to start rolling!

7. Utah Jazz– Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan. I give respect when its due. Unfortunately, I think the Jazz is on the downside of things. Paul Millsap will ease the pain slightly of losing Boozer (even though injured is really his 1st name, did he even play last year)

8. L. A. Clippers– Call me crazy if you want. Blake Griffin is a STUD. Chris Kaman is serviceable. If Baron’s weight is down and he’s focused. he’s deadly! Eric Gordon had a nice showing in the world games and Vinny Del Negro impressed me during his tenure with the Bulls. I’m looking for him to work some of that Mojo with the Clippers this season!


1. Miami Heat– Right now I know you’re feigning shock and awe that I placed the Heat as #1 in the east. The Irony is I’m not certain that they’ll make it to the finals. They have incredible firepower no doubt but I still wonder about a them coming together completely as a team in year 1 to topple the Magic or the Celtics.

2. Boston Celtics – The Original big 3 Plus Shaq plus Rondo etc etc. They have a cohesive starting 5 and a solid bench. Age and injuries will be what we’re watching for.

3. Orlando Magic– The Magic flames out last year. Has Dwight developed his post moves? He worked with “The Dream” in the off season, that should help! Can he make clutch free throws and control his pouting (the Refs are watching) The 3 is a HUGE part of the Magic’s game Vince, Rashard Lewis and QRich have their clips loaded. I don’t think they appreciate being the forgotten elite eastern team.

4. Chicago Bulls– Derrick Rose is fast! Joakim Noah has a hard nose mentality that I love. Boozer eh, he’s injured again.

5. Atlanta Hawks– They have talent and will be in the playoff picture for awhile but I’m not convinced they’re a contender. Joe Johnson can score but can he lead? Josh Smith is talented but… Jamal Crawford scores in buckets but again, where does that take us?  Reoccurring theme.

6. Milwaukee Bucks– Brandon Jennings is one of my favorite young players. This team is still coming together. Andrew Bogut is back from that CRAZY injury last year and coming off of that exciting playoff run last year, these guys are ready to step it up. Plus with the Cavs gone, I’m sure they’llbe one of their division leaders.

7. Charlotte Bobcats– Larry Brown plus Jordan and pretty decent talent puts them at 7. For me, the drop off in the east beyond the 1st 6 teams is pretty sharp. it won’t take a lot to make the last 2 spots and I think the Cats have a little more umph

8. New York Knicks – I had to put somebody in the 8th spot… :shrug:

I’m ready for action! And a love note to Football, I’m not abandoning you, but you’re officially my Mistress (Maybe my Mister since I’m a chick)