NBA Playoffs: Weekend Highlights

How can you not love the NBA? This weekend was everything you want in playoff basketball! Shocking upsets (The Magic, Spurs and Lakers need to regroup losing game one on their home floors.) This is the first time that both the number 1 and 2 seeds in a conference have dropped the first game on their home floor.

Just about all the home teams started out behind and had to play catch up.

  • Superhero antics from Ray Allen

  • For some reason, the Knicks decided to go away from feeding the ball to Amar’e. They paid for that decision, Carmelo had an off night but it’s a 7 game series right!


  • Serge Ibaka held a block party during the Nuggets vs. Thunder game that would’ve made Mutombo proud!!

  • Chris Paul was incredible in the Hornets win over the Lakers. His stat line, 33 points, 14 assists, 7 rebounds and 4 steals. WOOOWWWW. Pau and Lamar will need to do better than what they did Sunday for the Lakers to wrap this series up in 5. I’ll worry when those two have a great game and the Hornets win. Kobe was MAMBA but he’s not the same guy from a few years ago. A lot harder for him to take over games a will a win for his team.


  • Derrick Rose… 39 points. That’s all I have to say.
  • I don’t recall player extensions being announced during the playoffs before. Then again this already shaping up to be a classic off season, so congratulations to the Memphis Grizzlies for their first playoff win in franchise history and Kudos to Zach Randolph who they’ve rewarded with a hefty contract extension. The forward is set to sign a four-year contract extension this week worth $66 million guaranteed with an additional $5 million in incentives. NICE and all before the lockout this summer.

More action tonight with game 2 for the Bulls vs. Pacers and Heat vs. Sixers