NBA MVP Derrick Rose Has No Doubts He’ll Win Multiple Championships

Derrick Rose claimed his MVP title before the 10-11 NBA season started, now he’s moved on to bigger goals. In a recent interview, Rose was asked how he feels about his MVP award now that the season is over. His response reminded me a little of when LeBron joined the Heat but I feel like we can rock with Derrick’s statement:

It was great but I’m not satisfied. I won’t be satisfied until I win a championship. I’m not satisfied at all. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’m not going to win a championship. I’m going win multiple championships. It’s not a doubt in my mind.

Derrick is such a humble guy an puts the dedication and hard work behind his words (not to say Bron doesn’t but…) I do think at some point we’ll see the Bulls in the finals.