NBA Love Letter #1: Dear Lakers

Dear Lakers,

I know as you head into training camp a good portion of the NBA landscape has cast you as underdogs to Miami’s NWO (or as Kobe referred to them, Voltron) Even though you’re reigning back to back NBA Champions as well as 3rd time Western Conference Finals.

But championship runs mean longer seasons which results in shorter summers and the grind of at least 96 games a year can wear on you. Kobe’s Finger, his knee??

Andrew Bynum is still recovering from off season knee surgery (AGAIN). Probably won’t be back in the line up until late November which really means December.

I know that this might be Phil’s last season with the team. Not only does he have to create chemistry with the new talent signed in the off season (Steve Blake, Matt Barnes), teach them the triangle oh and win this little title next June with The South Beach Thrice looming in the background.

But Ron Artest has a new number, he’s in great shape and probably had the best Post Championship summer of all time! I’m still sending love to his therapist. Shannon Brown turned his video vixen dreams into reality and now has an R&B singer girlfriend, but he’s back! See I can point out the bright side too!

I have FULL FAITH in You Lakers!!

Love Always,



Kobe I’m still rockin with you even though I vividly recall this Moment… Your loves a sword slicing through me… Bwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh