NBA launches “BIG color” uniforms for Christmas day games [photos]


The NBA has featured games on Christmas the past 65 years. But it’s just been inside the past decade that it’s become an all-day affair. Last season following the lockout, the season kicked off on Christmas drawing 35 million viewers. So it’s safe to assume that launching a new jersey during those broadcast is all about sales.

The “BIG Color” uniforms designed by the NBA and Adidas for the Christmas Day games marks the first time players will rock special unis for the occasion. Of course, the match-ups just got a little bit more intriguing with the Lakers hiring Mike D’Antoni. The Knicks and Lakers face off against each other at Staples and of course there’s the NBA finals rematch between the Heat and Thunder.

Also on the schedule for the day, Celtics head up to Brooklyn to play the Nets. Rockets at Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets at L.A. Clippers.


photo via NBA