NBA Key Games for 2010 – 2011 Season

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The NBA decided to make it’s own “The Decision” special to announce a few key games for the upcoming season. Of course The Super friends (Miami Heat) were heavily featured on the Special.

October 26th, the Heat open up their season on the road to face the OTHER Big 3 (plus Shaq) The Boston Celtics.  Live on TNT. Lots of underlying story lines in this match up from last season’s playoffs. The Celtics of course eliminated Lebron and the Cavs and they also played 5 on 1 to knock DWade and the Heat out. And of course it’s our 1st official look at the guys. I expect to see them on TNT FREQUENTLY!

The next game up on opening night, MY Lakers at home (Ring Ceremony BABY) against the Houston Rockets ::pom poms down:: Guess the league figured Boston vs Miami was enough excitement for opening night. Seriously, the Rockets. Sigh…

The Christmas Day games are EVERYTHING (as expected)

Celtics vs. Magic – Nice showcase for 2 of the Eastern conferences’ powerhouse teams! I Like it!

Nuggets vs. Thunder – The Thunder has been one of my favorite teams the past 3 years, I hold a special place in my basketball heart for the Nuggets, this has the makings for a classic holiday match up!

Bulls vs. Knicks – I’m excited to see the Bulls, I think they have quietly put together a nice squad. As for the Knicks, its nice to see them on Christmas, maybe next year after the Lockout once they sign Melo

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Heat vs. Lakers -YES, YES and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this is EVERYTHING to me, a perfect Christmas gift for Moi but please be advised that I have never sat in the upper levels of the Staples Center so plan for that as well ::cheese::

Trailblazers vs. Warriors – Everybody needs a showcase… The Thunder are becoming what I had originally envisioned for the Blazers, perhaps they’ll have a better year. Greg Oden is returning right?? Does it even matter anymore?

The complete NBA schedule will be released (and downloaded into my iPhone! j/k only key teams! ) on August 10th