NBA Free Agency: LeBron, Carmelo, Bulls, Lakers & Heat Rumors


We’re just a few hours away from NBA free agency officially kicking off on July 1st. With the “Big 3” opting out in Miami, the Heat actually have the most cap space heading into the open market. Of course there plans are to re-sign James, Bosh and DWade, but at a different structure than before.

LeBron wants max money from the Heat. He’s made that clear. DWade is expected to take less money but a longer deal. Guiding him into retirement with the Heat and potentially a front office role if he desired.

The Lakers are allegedly trying to figure out how to get both LeBron and Melo. Kobe has stated he would join recruiting efforts, but he’s currently on vacation with his family in Greece.

Should the Lakers not be able to land Bron or Melo – which seems unlikely to me – their next tier of free agents includes Houston Rockets Chandler Parsons, Wizards Trevor Ariza and they haven’t ruled out bringing back Pau Gasol.

Meanwhile the Bulls seem to be one of the front runners for Carmelo Anthony’s services. Melo will reportedly meet with Chicago representatives in his first free agent visit. Melo has never experienced free agency during his 11-season- NBA career. He was drafted to the Nuggets, signed an extension. Then he forced a trade to the Knicks, where he signed another extension for three years.

Derrick Rose has said he’s not putting forth any effort to help recruit free agents to the Bulls.

“My thing is if they want to come, they can come.” said Rose to Yahoo Sports.

Really D. Rose? I understand, your job is just to play on the court. But I also think as the face of the franchise and their highest paid player, you should be leading the charge. Sounds like concerns over whose team it would be. Playing in 10 games over the last two seasons probably has something to do with it.

Once LeBron’s domino falls, will have a much better idea what the landscape really looks like.