NBA Free Agency Fantasies: Lebron James To LA


With the announcement that LeBron James is opting out of the last two years of his contract with the Miami Heat, teams are kind of obligated to check their rosters to see if they can pull together the funds to make a run at the King. In this episode of NBA free agent fantasies, we take a look at both LA teams. Naturally each team would love to have LeBron under their fold.

The Lakers are rumored to be interested in signing both LeBron and Carmelo Anthony. They each would have to be willing to take a pay cut – trading Steve Nash and perhaps the #7 pick would also make some room. But, are Melo and Bron interested in playing with Kobe in an attempt to restore the Lakers to their former glory? Melo Bonus, Lala and Vanessa Bryant are good friends.


The Clippers are intriguing because of LeBron’s close relationship with CP3. Their wives are also very good friends.


The Clippers have a superstar head coach in Doc Rivers plus a pretty solid bench. The team would have to give up either Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. But it sounds as if Griffin is off the table as a trade asset.

In the end, LeBron will likely resign in Miami and give it a go. there for a couple of years. He can get a maximum five-year deal worth $127.7 million from the Heat.