NBA finals style wars: Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook vs. LeBron James & Dwyane Wade [photos]

Game 1 off the NBA finals went to the Thunder. But what about the OTHER battle, the fashion one? Russell Westbrook wore a shirt from the 2012 Prada spring collection and of course, personality frames. KD opted for a slim cut suit in black.

King James opted for a color mash featuring a berry shirt, maroon tie and purplish-pink jacket. Peep the wrist game please! DWade also had his watch game proper but opted for a muted color scheme highlighting gray and black. Curiously enough, his finger wrap was blue. He’s usually a little more coordinated.

Serious question that is off our fashion foray, is DWade more injured than he’s let on? Something is affecting his game this post-season. He doesn’t seem to be fully engaged. Perhaps there’s something happening in his personal life but he definitely hasn’t been the DWade that we’re used to seeing in the playoffs. 3 more to go for an OKC title.