NBA eliminates center position on All-Star ballot

The center position has evolved into something else over the past decade or so. Perhaps it was envy causing 7 footers to want to move beyond the arc and launch their own three-pointer. Maybe it’s the way certain small forwards were able to break down defenses with quick cuts instead of using sheer force to move their opponents out of the way.

There are only a few players in the NBA truly deserving of the title. The L has recognized that fact when it comes to their all-star selections and made a change a change to the ballot for 2013. Starting this season, “center” will no longer be distinctly called out. While “guards and “forwards” didn’t lay claim to position specifics (point guard, shooting guard, small and power,) centers were the only position noted. Now it’ll simply be referred to as front court and the limits are off.

Makes sense for today’s game but will probably cause a bunch of heartache for old schoolers.

How do you feel about the change to the ballot? Do you think it’s a sign of the position being eliminated altogether?