NBA’s Biggest Coach Killers


Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard seems like a likeable guy. He appears to be a fun-loving, happy athlete that the common man can relate to. So why is he so universally hated? Howard has the tendency to shy away from blame and let others take the fault for any shortcomings a team might face. He is also outspoken, and has never met a microphone he didn’t like. Dwight has gone through as many coaches as just about any player in the league. But luckily for the NBA coaching universe, this aging superstar’s organizational pull is fading as fast as his talent.

Coaches all over the league would welcome any of these players with open arms, but might end up needing to look for a real estate agent soon after they joined the team. Players of the sort seen in this list have so much control because they are considered the game’s elite players. Until the league is able to mature (if it ever can) we can expect a league with an annual turnover of coaches.

Michael Hersey


photos via Instagram