Mike Woodson wants Knicks to man up and talk to each other not media


The Knicks are turning on each other and we’re only a month into the NBA season. Recently there have been several members of the Knicks that have been discussing their on-court problems in the media, but not calling out names. Head coach Mike Brown has reportedly had enough of it and wants the team to talk to each other instead of the media.

That was clear before Tuesday’s practice on the UCLA campus when Woodson admonished his team for comments that appeared to blame Monday’s loss to Portland on Carmelo Anthony. In separate post-game interviews, both Shumpert and Stoudemire said the lack of ball movement is what hurt the Knicks.

That is usually basketball code for “Melo won’t pass.” Woodson and Anthony seemed to take it that way, and the head coach wasn’t about to allow finger-pointing to invade his locker room.

According to a source, Woodson actually played MSG Network’s tape of Shumpert’s and Stoudemire’s comments and told his team, “If you have a problem with anyone, say it to their face, not the media.” That’s leadership.