Mike D’Antoni tells reporter he’s starting to piss him off when questioned about Lakers defense [video]

The Lakers are 9-13 and look like trash on defense. We know the Lakers are currently without Pau Gasol and Steve Nash but is Nash really going to save the season? At a little over 20 games into the NBA season, almost a quarter of the way in, it might be time to hit the panic button or at least ask some pertinent questions, right?

Well that’s what LA Times reporter TJ Simmers did following the Lakers 104-90 loss to the Cavs Tuesday night. It was a game where Kobe scored 42 points and Kyrie Irving returned for the Cavs after an 11 game absence and cooked the Lakers scoring 28 points and dishing out 11 assists.

D’Antoni didn’t appreciate TJ’s question on if the Lakers worked on defense and got a little testy.