Michael Jordan hits the hardwood for Bobcats practice [video]

The younger stars of today’s NBA probably have fond distant memories of Michael Jordan’s last NBA championship in 1998 but don’t truly remember Jordan in action. Chances are they’re actually more familiar with Washington Wizard Jordan and his iconic footwear – although Youtube, ESPN Classic etc. probably helps. But it still has to be incredibly special for members of the Charlotte Bobcats to have Jordan pop up at one of their practices and actually take to the court with them.

Jordan did exactly that this week when he played a little one-on-one against Gerald Henderson and rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist during Monday’s practice. Jordan has made a habit of taking the court with the team at least once a year. Maybe he still gets the itch and this helps him put thoughts of playing in perspective. Check out video from the practice and hear first hand what it’s like to receive instruction from owner Michael Jordan:


Jordan is just a few months shy of 50. What do you think, does he still have it?

video via BTB