Michael Beasley working on fitting in with Miami Heat’s “culture”


Michael Beasley’s NBA career was in doubt after being cut by the Phoenix Suns last summer. But a return to the Miami Heat and the culture they have in place, might be the thing that keeps him around the NBA. For his second tour with the Heat, Beasley is trying to ensure that this time it sticks by abiding by the Heat way per the “Sun Sentinel”

  “It’s the way they live, the way they play,” Beasley said. “It’s doing things the right way. It’s doing things in good faith and doing the work hard.”

Shane Battier also weighed in with his opinion of the work environment without naming any names.

“No one wants to be the outlier,” Battier said. “And if you come here and you act like an idiot, you really are on the outside.

   “So I think it goes back to culture, but guys want to fit in and when we see everyone come to work, be professional, do their jobs, play hard, have a good time, you buy in. I think that’s the strength of this group.”

Also, Beasley and the Heat cleared up the injury he suffered during a preseason game in Detroit last week. While admitting that it could look like he was injured from hitting himself in the head, in actuality, Beas said he was also hit with an elbow by a Pistons player.

Sometimes a change of environment is all you really need to reinvigorate yourself.