Miami Heat visit White House; President trolls Mario Chalmers [photos]


The Miami Heat were in Washington DC on Tuesday to meet with President Obama, as is the tradition for all NBA champions. The Heat presented the President with his own version of the Larry O’Brien trophy, which was autographed by all the members of the 2013 Championship team.

The President has clearly been keeping up with the Heat, he even made a joke about taking the photo in a hurry before someone yelled at Mario Chalmers… Burn. At least he knows his name.



Absent again for the second year in a row, Savannah James. The strange part about that, Savannah was with the Heat in New York last week when they had back to back games against the Knicks and Nets. Let me find out Savannah can’t get White House clearance… *kidding* relax

Heat-Wives-White-House-Visit Heat-wifeys


photos via @MiamiHeat, @MrsAdrienneBosh, @GabUnion, @KingJames