Metta World Peace has torn meniscus in left knee


They said there would be challenges, but who knew it would get this rough for the Los Angeles Lakers. In a season that had high expectations with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. So far, anything that could go wrong, has. Injuries has been a reoccurring theme this season which has seen, Dwight, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill and Kobe miss time with significant ones. Now let’s add another name to that list.

Lakers forward Metta World Peace, who injured his left knee in Monday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors, had an MRI exam Tuesday. The result, a lateral meniscus tear. World Peace will return to LA to be examined by team doctor Steve Lombardo. But it looks as if the Lakers will be without him for the remainder of the season. This season has seen players with the same or similar injury take as long as four months to return to the action. At the very least, Metta could return for the first round of the playoffs but, how much help would he be if not fully healed.

The Lakers defense is already weak. Losing one of their top defensive players will hurt. The team is still teetering in the eight spot but Dallas is in their review mirror and took out the Clippers last night. The Lakers face them at home in the final weeks of the season.