Memphis Grizzlies’ Tony Allen & OJ Mayo Have Fisticuffs On Team Plane

Grizzlies PG OJ Mayo photo via getty images

I understand that part of what makes professional athletes so good at their job is their uber competitiveness but fights over card games at 30,000 feet??

The jocks involved this time, OJ Mayo and Tony Allen of the Memphis Grizzlies. You’d think after beating down the Lakers, the plane ride home would’ve been all kicks and giggles. Not so says the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Mayo and Allen were involved in a card game that left Mayo owing Allen between $1,000 and $1,500. Mayo refused to pay and repeatedly insulted Allen.Allen then went to the restroom and returned to Mayo, who was acting more belligerent about losing. Allen then struck Mayo and the two had to be separated by teammates.

So basically, OJ was salty about losing and in unsportsman like fashion, refused to pay up and continued to pop off about it. Tony busted OJ upside his head and ta daa, fight finished.

Allen and Mayo have reportedly put the incident behind them and allegedly neither player was disciplined although OJ did miss Tuesday’s game against the Thunder because of a sudden case of “bronchitis”.

This happens, teammates get into altercations. Usually they blow over without further incident. Although, you have to wonder with so many internal leaks, are the days of handling team disputes privately slipping away?

Word of advice to the jocks; if you get caught up in your feelings behind a card game loss, maybe you should consider online gambling. That way when you lose, you can only be mad at yourself.

Are they this heated when they lose NBA games? ::giggles:: It was just a question.