Matt Barnes Fined $35K For Advocating Violence

Memphis Grizzlies’ forward Matt Barnes is the president of the keeping-it-real-or-die club. Barnes is going to speak his truth no matter how you feel about it or the repercussions.


Since 2011, Matt Barnes has been fined close to $375k by the NBA. That number doesn’t include any team fines. Add another $35,000 to that number cause Matt was fined by the NBA over the weekend for advocating violence.
Last week Barnes called New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher a “snake” and said he hopes to “cross paths again” with DFish once he stops playing,” following their October altercation over Matt’s estranged wife Gloria.

The two teams faced off Saturday and before the game, Barnes reiterated his stance that violence isn’t the answer, except when it is.

“I just don’t like him. Plain and simple,’’ Barnes told reporters at the morning shootaround. “He knows I don’t like him. Don’t say nothing to me. I don’t plan on saying nothing to him. Don’t try to shake my hand. There’s none of that. There’s nothing there. There never will be. Just stay away from me, basically.”

Matt went on to explain that the whole league has his back on this one.

“There’s support throughout the league, other leagues, GMs, owners, entertainers, actors, everybody. It’s been a great support,” Barnes said. “Every man who looks at the situation knows what’s right and wrong. Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.

“Everyone from the top to bottom would’ve done the same thing. When it comes to family, it’s family. Unfortunately, you have to watch who you call friends these days.’’

When Matt was asked why he thinks DFish hasn’t responded yet, he added this:

“Because he knows he’s wrong. You know what I mean?” Barnes said. “And he already took one loss [in the melee]. So what’s the point?”