Mark Cuban Says DeAndre Jordan Curved Him By Saying He Was On A Date


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban took to his app CyberDust to give his version of events on Wednesday night’s efforts to keep DeAndre Jordan from backing out of a deal to sign with the Mavs.

The funniest thing, DeAndre told Cuban he was on a date when Cuban was reportedly standing at his front door.

“Through all of Monday we were texting back and forth discussing players available, the amount of cap room we had left. Who our staff liked. How excited he was,” Cuban wrote.

“Then on Tuesday the communications basically stopped and we started hearing rumblings from multiple people that something was up.

“So I flew to Houston and got a room at the galleria, which is just a few minutes from his house. I had my driver take me to his house. It’s inside a small gated community but the gate was wide open. So we drove in and I literally walked right up to his door.

“There was no one home. So I texted him saying that I was there. I know something is up. Let’s talk. He texted me that he was on a date.”

Cuban wrote that he told Jordan to have fun and offered to “come by there and say hi” or take Jordan and his date back to Dallas for a night out. Jordan did not respond.

After about 10 minutes, Cuban wrote, he returned to his hotel. He “didn’t think it was right” to sit in front of Jordan’s house.

Once at the hotel, Cuban wrote that he texted Jordan: “Have fun on this date and we will talk,” and received an immediate reply from Jordan thanking him.

“He knew I was in town,” Cuban wrote. “He knew I was close by. I knew something was up. I was getting the same reports that everyone else was.

“I also knew his agents were coming to town. It made sense that he would talk to them and worst case, even if he was having second thoughts the agent would be able to give me updates. 

“Like any big career move it’s natural to have second thoughts. So while I was concerned, I still wasn’t worried. So I went to bed.” 

Cuban ended the post: “More to come”

Cuban was disputing reports from ESPN’s Chris Broussard that claimed the owner was aimlessly driving around Houston attempting to get Jordan’s home address.

Broussard’s sources were reportedly family members of DeAndre Jordan, but realistically, the two stories at their heart, aren’t that dissimilar. A bigger question for me, I thought the whole purpose of Cuban’s app was that the messages vanish once they’ve been read. No screen shots.

On a related topic, Chandler Parsons was one of the main Mavericks’ recruiting DeAndre to Dallas. Parsons felt DeAndre was scared of being THE franchise guy:

“This is something that I’ve never seen in my career, and I know that it doesn’t happen very often,” Parsons told on Thursday. “When a man gives you his word and an organization his word, especially when that organization put in so much effort and I walked him through this process and was very, very open and willing to work with him, it’s just very unethical and disrespectful.”

“He wasn’t ready to be a franchise player. He was scared,” Parsons said. “He was scared to take the next step in his career. There was no other reason other than that he was comfortable and he has friendships there. How you make a business decision like that is beyond me. How you ignore an owner like Mark who is in your hometown just waiting for a chance to talk to you is beyond me.

“I don’t think he made a mistake. I think he’ll be good in L.A. He’s got a good team, he’s got a great point guard, he’s got Blake, but I think he could have been a superstar in Dallas. He could have been the man in Dallas. Never in a million years did I think that this was even a possibility.