Magic Johnson says the Clippers are “Showtime Basketball”


All season long, Magic Johnson has been going hard in the paint at the Lakers franchise. His most recent shot came Tuesday night during ESPN’s Christmas night broadcast of Clippers vs. Nuggets.

“I thought I would never, ever see Showtime again, and I was the architect of Showtime. The Clippers? That’s Showtime.”

Calling the Clippers “Showtime,” surely that sent chills down a few Lakers fans’ backs. But, is it a faulty comparison? The Clippers are currently the owners of the NBA’s best record at 22-6 with a 14-game winning streak on top of that.

While CP3 is no Magic, he’s currently averaging 16 ppg, 9.5 assists and 3 rpg. For those wondering, Magic’s career averages were 19 ppg, 11 assists and 7 rbg. DeAndre Jordan isn’t Kareem but, what the Clippers do have is two legit All-Star candidates in CP3 and Blake Griffin, a super deep bench that includes a potential sixth man of the year and CHEMISTRY. Something their Staples Center roommates are still working on.

The Clippers face off against the Celtics tonight on TNT to keep the streak alive and win number 15 in a row.

Clipper Nation stand up!