Magic Guard Jason Richardson & Hawks Back-up Center Zaza Pachulia Suspended For Game 4

This scene reminded me of school yard fights when I was kid. The two boys would be chest to chest, bumping shoulders as they walked in a circle until someone finally threw the first punch.

Then the fight would be broken up and the two kids would be sent to timeout until the end of recess. Not in the NBA though, Magic guard Jason Richardson and Hawks back-up center Zaza Pachulia have both been suspended for Sunday night’s Game 4 in Atlanta after last night’s scuffle.

video of the altercation below:


Charles Barkley said on TNT, “You gotta hit somebody after they headbutt you 3 times.” Yeah I kind of agree with that. Did Zaza think a headbutt is exempt from getting ejected?

Jason Richardson had this to say about the altercation and subsequent suspension:

“He walked up on me and head-butted me a couple of time and it’s just a reaction. What do you want to do — walk away? If that was done again I’d do it again and that’s just how it goes. It is what it is and I just have to get ready for Game 5,’’ Richardson said Saturday after finding out about the suspension. “Personally, no (it’s not fair) because I’m just reacting and protecting myself. In a heated situation I’d want anybody else to do the same thing. If somebody is in your face and head-butting you, you have to get them off of you. But that’s the rule and it’s unfair, but it is what it is.’’

The Hawks won on Friday night. Atlanta leads the series 2-1.