Louisville’s Kevin Ware breaks leg in gruesome injury during “Elite 8” game against Duke [video]


Sunday night, one of the most gruesome sport’s related injuries many have ever witnessed, took place during the NCAA’s elite eight round during athe game between Lousiville and Duke. Lousiville’s Kevin Ware broke his leg during the high intensity game. The injury was so severe that Ware’s teammates and his coach, Rick Pitino were brought to tears. The entire arena fell silent and several players, sports figures, etc. sent their prayers and well-wishes to Ware via Twitter.

Warning, the video and photos are extremely graphic.



Ware reportedly told his teammates to “just win the game” following his injury. According to coach Pitino, “The bone popped out of his skin and was six inches out of his leg. Broke in two spots. Will take a year for him to come back.”


The Louisville Cardinals eventually beat the Duke Blue Devils. Even holding them scoreless for eight minutes. The Cardinals won 85-63 and will move on to the Final Four in Atlanta facing off against Wichita St.

On Saturday night, Ware, in a bit of irony, spoke these words in an interview referring to the team’s win over Oregon:



Ware had surgery Sunday night.

photos & video via IFWT