Louisville Cardinals defeat Michigan Wolverines for NCAA men’s basketball Championship


In one of the most epic National Championship games I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, the Louisville Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines, 82-76, to win the NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship Monday night in Atlanta. The Cardinals came back from a double-digit hole in the first half to win the match up.

So many exciting story lines surrounding the game. Of course Lousiville had the emotional story of Kevin Ware breaking his leg during the “Elite 8” round. Michigan was making it’s first appearance in 20 years when the “Fab 5” matched up against UNC with the infamous Chris Webber timeout. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights as well as some unconventional moments that caught my eye:

All of the “Fab 5” were in the building but only Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose and Ray Jackson enjoyed the festivities together

photo via Jose3030

photo via Jose3030

Chris Webber was IN the building.


Michigan’s Trey Burke didn’t have a great first half so freshman guard Spike Albrecht burst on the national scene with 17 points in the first half and saw his Twitter followers go from around 5000 to a little over 20,000. Albrecht hit four three-pointers in the first half.


Luke Hancock has got to be related to Timberwolves Kevin Love.


There was an unusually high number of NBA affiliated players in this game. Michigan featured Tim Hardaway Jr., son of NBA point guard and trash talk legend, Tim Hardaway, Glen “Big Dog” Robinson’s son, Glen Robinson III and Hawks Al Horford’s little brother Jon also plays for the Wolverines.

Check the dunk by the Younger Hardaway and watch dad react.


What material was Kenny Smith’s suit?



Louisville head coach Rick Pitino did it for the University of Kentucky back in the day. Left for the NBA, ended up back in college basketball with UK’s rival, Louisville and now did it with them. AND on the day he finds out he’ll be enshrined in the “Basketball Hall of Fame” later this year. How hot is that! But even thugs get caught off guard by the sound of cannons exploding in celebration.

via jose3030

via jose3030


Pitino becomes the first coach to win titles at two different schools. He said he’s going to go get tatted in celebration.


Kevin Ware cut the net down. The did it for “5.”


Now it’s time to get ready for the NBA playoffs as a fan and the draft for these college guys. How many players from Monday night’s game do you see at lottery picks?