Linsanity official begins for the Houston Rockets

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The Houston version of Lisanity part deux officially began on Thursday as Jeremy Lin was reintroduced to the media. The Knicks opted to let the marketing whirlwind go, now we see if it was the system, a fluke or flat out talent that caused all the hoopla last season.

Lin also appears to be taking his new spokesman role to heart. A slim-fitting black pinstriped suit paired with a skinny tie. Trendy enough but not overkill.

Check out the homepage from Let’s not pretend the marketing aspect of this isn’t HUGE. The Rockets are reaching out to a fanbase they partially lost when Yao Ming.

Photo via Darren Rovell


Remember if it weren’t for the Rockets cutting Lin last season, he never would’ve ended up with the Knicks. In a way, it makes sense they had to overpay to get him back.