Dwight Howard open to signing an extension with the Lakers if traded to LA

I am SO SICK of the Dwight Howard saga. However, I understand what a benefit Howard would be to the Lakers if they were to get him. So with that caveat out of the way, I’ll present you another update on the “Get Dwight to LA” campaign.

Wednesday night, Real GM reported that Dwight is open to signing an extension with the Lakers should he be traded here.  The rumored three-way deal that could land Howard in LA is between the Magic, Lakers and Cavs. With Bynum ending up in Cleveland and the Magic receiving picks and Anderson Varejo. Not a bad landing spot for Bynum with Kyrie Irving as point guard over there. You’d be working for Dan Gilbert but I suppose there are worst fates.

The one question in all of this. As Bynum comes off of one his best years as a pro, which included his first All-Star appearance, why are the Lakers so eager to get rid of him. I guess they feel like with Kobe in the twilight of his career, Bynum isn’t quite enough to bring the championship back home. And, if you have the opportunity to secure a three-time “Defensive player of the year” I guess you take temperament out of the equation, right?

Last note, the Magic are said to be interested in moving the contract of Jason Richardson but per reports, there’s no chance of him landing in LA due to some sort of riff with Steve Nash. I’ll let you peruse this old post and guess what many believe it has to do with.

Keep in mind, that is a RUMOR. Just providing you with all the information as I’m diligent like that! ::wink::