LeBron James pushes head coach Dave Blatt out of the way [Video]


LeBron James made his return to the court on Tuesday night as the Cavs faced off against the Phoenix Suns. LeBron missed eight games with knee and back issues.

At one point, LeBron pushed head coach Dave Blatt out of the way to argue a call with a ref.


Clearly their are coaching issues in Cleveland. Doc Rivers disciple – and former Allen Iverson foot stool – Tyronn Lue reportedly has more respect from the players than Blatt.

League scouts, executives and rival players] see players appearing to run different plays than the bench calls, see assistant coach Tyronn Lue calling timeouts literally behind Blatt’s back during games, and hear Cavs players openly talking about coaching issues with opposing players and personnel. Not once, not twice, but frequently over the past several months.

For weeks now, the small talk when league personnel run into each other at college games, airports or pregame meals has frequently started with: “What the hell is going on in Cleveland?”

LeBron scored 33 in his return, JR Smith was red hot, scoring 29. The Cavs almost had this one but ended up in with a loss. This game could’ve been a momentum changer. The Cavs are 19-20 this season and have lost six consecutive games.

video via Gif’d Sports