Lebron James plays catch with a fan during Heat vs. Clippers [video]


When you’re up by 17 points, you can take a minute and have some fun with a fan. During the second quarter of Heat vs. Clippers, the game ball ended up in the stands. An excited fan was slow to toss the ball back on the court to LeBron James. I suppose he was savoring the surreal moment of touching an actual game ball and having LeBron James direct his attention on you. King James decided to give him a highlight he’ll be sharing with his grand kids:


The fan’s name is Adolfo,  he was on vacation from Honduras. ESPN’s Lisa Salter interviewed him during the fourth quarter. Of course, he said playing catch with LeBron was the best moment of his life.


“Ever! In my life! This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever lived in my life,” 


No need to further discuss the embarrassing loss the Clippers suffered at the hands of the Heat. Let’s just say Clipper Nation was rusty having CP3, Blake, Jamal Crawford and Chauncey all return from varying degrees of injury at the same time.


video via CJZero