Lebron James is biking to games


LeBron James has been biking to games off and on since January. As of late he’s taken to doing it more frequently and has added biking to his workout regimen.

James has made the bike ride from his Coconut Grovehome three times this season. Each trek takes from about 30 to 45 minutes, depending if James is “pushing it.” Last Saturday he made the trip four times in one day, riding to shootaround and back in the morning. A few hours later, he rode back and forth for the game against Washington Wizards.

Both Lebron and DWade have taken up biking participating in Miami’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride. 

“I felt great,” James said. “I didn’t get tired. I don’t think I got tired (Tuesday) night. I felt great. I could have played again if we had to. Yeah, I’ve been biking a little more than usual. It’s fun. It’s also conditioning, it’s cardio.”

Lebron is a cyborg!


photo via Instagram